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White Tridacna Bracelet

White Tridacna Bracelet


Tridacna is a stone of the sea.  It is made from clam shells and carried the energy of the ocean. Tridacna clamshell has a pearl shine and is glossy, but the color is pure white.

Tridacna is known as one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism, so it’s always been highly regarded by Buddhist monks and those who practice Buddhism. They believe it will protect you from evil spirits which is why it is highly valued.


Wearing tridacna jewelry can significantly improve the magnetic field of the human body, alleviate aggravation, boost wisdom, and protect you and your loved ones.

White Tridacna stabilizes your mood, balances mental and physical states, calms terrified nerves, and aids in treating sleeplessness.


White Tridacna  relaxes the entire body, calms frazzled nerves and aids in the treatment of insomnia.

Blood pressure is also believed to drop, promoting healthy metabolism and providing anti-aging benefits.

This pure white gemstone helps to calm your mood while also relieving anxiety. This sea stone will assist in balancing your mind and emotions and avoiding or reducing stress.Tridacna also increases the magnetic field of the human body and creates an aura of protection against dangerous energies.It relaxes the mind, increases wisdom, and promotes the flow of positive energy.Tridacna provides numerous health benefits, including enhanced metabolism, osteoporosis prevention, and anti-aging qualities.


White Tridacna opens and balances the crown chakra.

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