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Vanadinite helps the most disorganized scattered energy take shape and become focused, energized and empowered.
Vanadinite opens and balances both the root and sacral chakra.  If you are feeling sluggish and without motivation this is just the right dose of crystalline energy to boost your energy and spring you into action. 
Vanadinite will stimulate your creative juices and help you take action in your life.  

Vanadinite is a stone of the Goddess.  It will help you get in touch with the most sensual part of yourself and give you the freedom to express that.  Vanadinite is named after the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and sexuality .  She is known as " Freyja" but sometimes called "Vanabruder".

Author Nicholas Pearson tell us in his book, Stones of The Goddess that Vanadinite will help the soul become more anchored in the physical body and will help one to find more enjoyment in our physical embodiment.  He also shares that this stone arouses passion , sensuality, and joy.  Some therapists say it is a powerful aphrodisiac.


Vanadinite grounds your energy.  It's beautiful hexagonal structure puts everything in order.  Vanadinite boosts energy and helps put spirit into action.  Vanadinite infuses one with massive amounts of creativity.  Vanadinite ignites passion, sensuality, and power. 


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