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Pink Kunzite Bracelet

Pink Kunzite Bracelet


Pink Kunzite offers divine love and protection. It connects your heart to other like hearts and you feel a surge of deep heart healing . This beautiful, powerful stone removes negativity, clears obstacles in your path and puts you in the flow of the universe.
If you suffer from self sabotage or you have addictive behaviors these little wonders will be your new favorite crystal.
PINK KUNZITE says, love heals all  and also says LET GO and PROCEED! If you are finding it hard to find the courage to face your fears or even identifying your fears try meditating with Pink Kunzite!
Holding or wearing a pink Kunzite crystal will help you get into that meditative sacred space and stay focused and centered reaching deep states of meditative bliss. Kunzite gently releases blocks in matters of the heart and encourages the energy of love to fill your life. This powerful healing stone symbolizes new life or rebirth and connects you to divine spirit to spread love on all levels. During energy work Kunzite will clear, open and activate all chakras.
This stone is said to be able to pull your head from the clouds and bring you back to reality, back down to Earth and help keep you firmly rooted and grounded throughout your day.

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