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Lemon Calcite Heart

Lemon Calcite Heart


Lemon Calcite helps to release stagnant energy that is holding one back from their fullest potential.  Tuning into Lemon Calcite tunes you into the frequency of confidence.  It helps you to make the most out of life even when you find yourself in hard times.  Lemon Calcite sets one on a path of selfexamination, specifically diving into the depths of our motivation. focus, and confidence.   Lemon Calcite opens and balances the. solar plexus chakra.  If you are ready to take a deep dive into your. spiritual journey  work with Lemon Calcite.


The crystal heart shape is used to show emotion or affection.  Love for self, love for others.  Carry a heart shape crystal for self care.  Give a heart shape stone to someone to show you are invested in their well being.  

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