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Green Calcite Heart

Green Calcite Heart


Green Calcite is like Aloe for your soul, soothing the emotional body.   Green Calcite carries the essence of love and expands your heart to have greater compassion.  Green Calcite acts like a midwife to your souls journey.  It goes in and unearths stuck toxic energy that is needing to be healed.   Green calcite empowers positive change in your life and aligns your heart with the Divine WIll of the creator and helps you to live your purpose.   Green Calcite opens and balances the heart chakra.  If you want to open your heart and live a life full of purpose try carrying a green calcite.


The crystal heart shape is used to show emotion or affection.  Love for self, love for others.  Carry a heart shape crystal for self care.  Give a heart shape stone to someone to show you are invested in their well being.  

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