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Citrine Angel Aura Quartz

Citrine Angel Aura Quartz


Citrine Angel Aura Quartz  is a powerful stone of manifesting abundance into your life. 

citrine increases luck, joy, emotional clarity, problem solving, memory, willpower, and optimism.  Citrine Angel Aura Quartz is made when various metals like platinum or silver onto Amethyst. This takes place at very high temperatures allowing the metal to bond with the crystal. Typically, silver and platinum are the main metals that one will bond to quartz to create Aura Quartz.


Citrine Angel Aura Quartz has a transformative energy that connects you with the spiritual realm.    Citrine Angel Aura Quartz also enhances your meditative practice connecting you to your Angelic team.  This connection allows you to be an open vessel to receive information from your guides and the Universe. 

Citrine Angel Aura Quartz is also known to protect you during your travels and to promote self-discipline and confidence.


This beautiful stone helps to balance the solar plexus chakra and helps to diminish stomach issues , anxiety, and fear.

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