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Chevron Amethyst 60 MM Sphere

Chevron Amethyst 60 MM Sphere


Chevron Amethyst is a powerful combination of White Quartz and Amethyst. This dual acting stone opens and balances the third eye chakra and provides an auric cleanse releasing any negativity so you can venture within on a self discovery. Chevron Amethyst also strengthens intuition and helps to manifest the answers we receive from within and from our guides. 


Crystal Spheres are perfect for filling an entire space with their all encompassing emittance of healing energy. The sphere represents completion, balance and unity. Crystal spheres are the perfect stone for all energy work. Meditation. Crystal healing. Scrying. Use as a worry stone. Use at the office as a stress ball or as an anxiety relief.  Crystal spheres are healing!


* The sphere you are purchasing may not be the same as the picture but will be same size and quality.

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