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Astrology 101 with Angie Agnoni

Astrology 101 with Angie Agnoni


Enrollment is now open for ASTROLOGY 101 with Astrologer, Angie Agnoni right from the coziness of your home!

Astrology 101 is a six-week course intended as an introduction to learning astrology's basics. In this class Angie will show you how a birth chart is structured and will lead you through the Zodiac, exploring the planets, signs, houses and their meanings.
You will walk away after the six weeks able to see the energies of the sky manifested in your everyday life and also how to read your own natal chart. This class is styled to be fun and informative by looking at archetypal examples from ancient mythologies to current pop culture. *digital handouts and a copy of your natal chart will be provided.

Angie Agnoni is a consulting and teaching astrologer and 2017 graduate from The International Academy of Astrology. She serves as Vice President of Lake County Astrological Association, which is one of the longest-running astrology groups in the country.

Enrollment is now open!

Cost is $250.

Classes will begin Thursday, January 12th from 6pm-8pm Via Zoom  and will run for 6 consecutive Thursdays. 




We look forward to spending this time with you!

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